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news about history of aviation; Marianne in Myanmar

Fursty Razorbacks again Football Champions
Celebrating FCB Double 2019 Meisterfeier Marienplatz

Breaking news (still under evaluation): we just obtained new findings about the history of air traffic which we want to point out here at this place. So far we had the opinion, that the first documented successful landing of a hot air balloon with living passengers tock place in the year 1783 at Versailles, France. However the Inka People in Peru might have went in balloons before. And gas filled ballons of the Robert Brothers were known already too.

It was manned with a brave Duck (and a ram and a rooster). It were the brothers Montgolfier who organized the Expedition of the brave duck. That might have been much later than the maybe first motorized flight of the Wright brothers 1776 when the ramparts were stormed at the shores of Kill Devils Hills.?? (I prefer ram from another source as it fits better into the story; the trip itselfe did  not harm the participants but the ram stepped on the roosters wing and hurt the rooster. As the Duck, a tight-knit member of the fowl family was solidly united with the Cock, it considered ramming the ram’s naughty parts to retaliate.)

But now we heard of some new findings of reliable sources (hopefully no fake news) that the air was already manned by American troops 1775 and they as early as that took over all the airports in the grim battles of that time along the eastern shores and could maintain their predominant position with the bigger nuclear button and rockets in the air (which they also had at that time) until they faced the British 1814 in Fort McHenry. (news still waiting for confirmation)

We just came across this historic picture which might ??prove that it’s true:

This reminds me so much of my first July 4’rth party in Kansas City 1986 ?? in the park at the memorial where I was asked if I wanted to have “something” to smoke which I of course rejected, always. It was a pleasant, warm night without rain, very patriotic. As much as I read, the americans hadn’t nothing but victory in the war 1812-1814, Canada is still there. The Canadians even burned down the White House 1812 according to President Trump.

Back to the main story: November 2017

After some serious arguments with Michael, Marianne decided that she needed some time for herself so she went on a trip to and through Myanmar (Burma, Birma). Sheila was here before. She took the chance and as the first  R u b b e r   Duck drove in a Hot Air Balloon which is a popular thing to do in Myanmar at Bagan. A Group of mayby 20 balloons starts every day and provides a save trip with excellent views over the Papodas of Bagan and also the other balloons. She was lucky too as she was on one of the few balloons which made a precise landing amid’s the Irrawaddy river on a sand bank. She had to be picked up with a boat from the small island in the river. A great ride.

Here is another sensational stunt of a Duck in Space. The BVB (Borussia Dortmund) might not know how to play good socker this season 2017/2018 but his fans sure know how to make a Duck fly to space for a cheap price with a low budget  but a lot of enthusiasm. Notice the dirty spot visible on the ground (Gelsenkirchen, Schalke) . Maybe more german people, Donald Trump and the USA should adress to, with his new plans to fly him to the moon and mars without a budget and Wernherr von Braun. And with other costly projects focused on like the new walls.

Marianne enjoyed the Inle lake and was able to go on a boat tour here which she liked a lot. The water level of this lake changes significantly over the year. So the houses there are built on poles.

She visited the Swezigon (Nyaung )Pagoda and the Mahamuni Pagode in Bagan.

Marianne finished her trip with a stay at Ngapali Beach where she enjoyed several fabulous sunsets and the good Myanmar beer.

Marianne braught this lovely souvenir home and gave it to Sheila.

Marianne also discovered this beautiful Black Forest Cake in Myanmar and braught home this picture for Sheilas collection and research on Black Forest Cake worldwide.

Credit: Maps Icons Collection,

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Fursty Razorbacks again Football Champions
Celebrating FCB Double 2019 Meisterfeier Marienplatz