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Playa Esmeralda Costa Calma, Canaries, Spain, Fuerteventura

Sunny Side of Life, Fuerteventura Spain
Sevilla Spain

Pirate Captain Jack Blackbird went to Spain, Canaries, to revive the good old local tradition of piracy.

Here he is still in his hidden Pirates Nest in Playa Esmeralda at the Costa Calma, Fuerteventura.

The Canaries were an important stop on the trading routes to America and were important for the domination over the oceans. And therefore an attractive target for pirates and British (the Spanish of course thought it’s the same) too for a long time. Christoph Columbus stopped here too on his way to America. British Francis Drake worked here but the French, Algerians and Dutch took their share as well. British admiral Nelson failed to conquer Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1797 and Nelson was severely hurt in that battle. That was short after the Americans took over all the airports 1775 and short before the British had nothing but victory 1805 in the Battle of Trafalgar. With all the trouble with Napoleon in Europe until 1814 the British could not focus too much on the Rockets Red Glare in the Baltimore harbor 1814. Most of the time the Americans were defeated in the war 1812-1814 (they did not have nothing but victory) but good trade connections and financial power were more important in the end for both sides. America stopped it’s attempts to take over Canada. And the Americans had another dirty war in focus down in Florida which belonged to Spain. But Spain was an easier enemy and did not had the strength to face aggressive, warlord and later president Jackson (People were afraid he might become an American Napoleon). In the end deals were made, the loosers in the end were the Native American Tribes all over the continent and Florida became American.

Blackbird, who went there with a speed faster than a cannon bullet, as fast as an Oxcart, unfortunately already lost some of his deck men who were caught and detained by some sea monsters on the way to join the crew for the next attack. Blackbird originally carried the code-name RS71 but was later renamed into SR71 as the leader of the pirate association made a mistake. But don’t tell that a leader made a mistake.

To prepare a new caper Jack checked out the “Faro de Tostón” (lighthouse) at the north-west coast of Fuerteventura considering to sabotage it and to let some boats go aground and to take over the load. Sheila of course already put on a veto as she isn’t sure, there are no ducks on all those boats which might be affected. She doesn’t like the idea to blow up the nice building though watching such blasts can be fun.

Here he hunts by ambush waiting at the beach.

Credit: Maps Icons Collection,

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Sunny Side of Life, Fuerteventura Spain
Sevilla Spain