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Trieste Italy Miramare
Roma, Vatican

Mary, another friend of Sheila took the chance to visit Napoli in Italy. She stopped at the Castel dell’Ovo (egg fortress in whose foundation an egg was placed by poet Vergil the sorcerer and it is said that as long as the egg is undamaged the town of Napoli won’t perish; another town’s destiny connected to a building. Wittelsbacher queen of both Sicilies Marie Sophie (born 1836 as dutchess in Bavaria, sister of Sissi and sister in law of Austrian emperor Franz Joseph, had to marry to weakling Bourbon Franz II, and had to flee from Napoli after liberator Giuseppe Garibaldi conquered first Napoli and later also Gaeta a bit further north. Marie (after the second Wittelsbacher girl with important Italian titles Imperial Highness princess of Venice, daughter in law of Napoleon, 19’th century) did what she could to defend Gaeta 1861 and fought amid the troops and bullets on the walls of the Gaeta fortress which brought her the name Hero Of Gaeta but failed. This event is commemorated in paintings. She was involved in many scandals, like bathing naked in Ostia, smoking and having a child from one of her lovers. She is also known for scratching a window at the Königsalm at Kreuth, Bavaria close to the Tegernsee together with Sissi. She and Sissy were very close but stopped the contact after Marie tattletaled about an affair of Sissi in England with famous horseman Wiliam George „Bay“ Middleton. Marie in her exile in England was jealous that Sissi was the better horsewoman.

Verdis Opera “Les vêpres siciliennes“ which was first performed 1855 in Paris and again in Munichs Opera Nationaltheater 15.03.2018 which is based on another “liberation war” 1282 when the Sicilians got rid of other French rulers (followed by Habsburger ruler; so much for liberation) was not allowed to be played in Italy until the French were once again thrown out

1861 in it’s original text and set. The Frensh were masacred at the end of the event, just like in the revolution in Haiti 1791.

Tales have it that the dead Sirene Parthenope was washed up on land here after she jumped into the briming sea and drowned after she failed to seduce Greek Odysseus with her singing. Parthenope was the tutelary deity of Napoli and her name served Napoleon for his foundation of the southern Italian Parthenopean republic. To honour her there was a annual torch relay.

Notice the painting of goodlooking  Parthenope how she points out the dangers of cooking volcano Vesuv in the Background.


Mary also visited the volcano and looked into the grim smoking abyss.

At the place where Heraklas knocked thief Cacus dead Heraculaneum was founded. It perished in the year 79 when the Vesuv erupted, just like Pompeji. Mary was fascinated by the old ruins.

At the place where Heraklas knocked thief Cacus dead for stealing cattle Heraculaneum was founded. It perished in the year 79 when the Vesuv erupted, just like Pompeji. Mary was fascinated by the old ruins.

Herculaneum inspired some of the decorations of the Casino on the Roseninsel, Starnberger Lake (Würmsee) which Wittelsbacher king Maximilan II of Bavaria built in Pompejian Bavarian style.

And here is another Story which received international attention about a brave creature which finally could burst her chains of unfreedom and escape into the open Indian Ocean: Duck Daphne, Perth (18.03.2018), Australia. However the swarm is not sure, if friend Sieghbert Squid appreciates the event. Poor Daphne however was caught soon later and again chained.

Staufer Konradin (Italian nickname), son of Swabian King Konrad IV. , was Duke of Swabia IV., Konrad IIII. King of Jerusalem, Konrad II. King of Sicily  was executed here 1268 by the Popes men. His mother was Wittelsbacher queen Elizabeth. When he was a kid, one of his guardians was Wittelsbacher Duke Ludwig der Strenge (who killed his wife).

Eat, Pray, Love


As there are about 50.000 photos of the Pizzeria “L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele” in Napoli (Da Michele however has international branches now) on the web (but none with a Duck) the swarm had no other choice than doing an own photo shot here.

The menu and wine list of this place is an easy-to-read list (there are only 2 true Pizzas) but the streamlined place is extremely busy and the Pizzas are really excellent. It was the set of one scene of the movie “Eat,Pray, Love” with Hollywood darling, star “Julia Roberts” who is almost as famous as Wittelsbacher Sissi.

The movie is about meaningless Globe Trotting (Italy, India, Indonesia ) to live down disappointment.

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Trieste Italy Miramare
Roma, Vatican