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Superbowl 2022/2023 live Coverage

Ludwig I, Lola, Munich, Besar; good enough for the old brush; Lola Cars
Ducks at demonstration across society; Glue; Art


We watched the Superbowl LVII live on German TV on ProSieben who is involfed in American Football since about 15 years (ProSiebenSat.1 Media). They also operate which provides NFL football online. Which became more popular in Germany during the last years.

We are heading into another great night of sport challenge. The couch, the regional adequate supply and the appropriate team of sport enthusiasts are all ready for the great game of Chiefs vs. Eagles. Of course, we all back the Chiefs as we are closely associated with Kansas City Missouri.

We were there serveral times, mostly in summer and we even saw one of the rare Grand Slams here in the Royals Stadium. 1986 or 1988.


And of course, we know, Arrowhead is in Missouri.


New member of the Swarm, Patrick Madduck has just made it in time to join our team. The transfer had to go through Canada and immigration was difficult. He is our MVD now. (Most valuable Duck)


Wine is from California, beer from North America, Candy from USA. Getting Bud Light was difficult. I talked to someone, who said he could get us some here in Europe too. But asked for advanced payment. I told him at the phone the cheque is in the mail but he groanded horrificly and hung up immediately.




To walk all over Eagles is much easier than over Chiefs, even in the distance.


What can you say about a town whose biggest site Is a bell with a crack which can’t sound properly and which was casted in the land of the enemy. In a Town known for the Big Stink / Great Stink. But we know, that the Battleship USS Wisconsin was built in Philadelphia which is famous for it’s Tomahawk strike abilities.

The Eagles play in the same Division as the Giants, the Eastern Division. There are intersting rumors regarding the stadium of the Giant’s.

The swarm backs the great work of the Teams of Unions. And the National Labor Relations Act signed by FD Roosevelt. Also known as the Wagner Act.

(from Simpsons, Last Exit to Springfield, maybe with the coffin corner, with Jimmy).

Even sportsmen like

-Ludwig, a great swimmer, hunter, hiker and equestrian

-and Sissi, gymnast and equestrian are going to watch the event.

And we all bet on the Chiefs.

So, it is going to be an epic event. We are ready for another Tomahawk Chop.

And I hope I will be able to watch a game here in Munich 2023 hopefully with the chiefs who had an outpost of their KINGDOM here in Munich town some weeks ago. We already registered for the ticket lottery.

Now, while I am writing this, it came to my mind, that I used to possess a State Farm Auto Atlas. But I can’t find it at the moment.



Countdown: Time to start to fix them burgers.


Time to serve the Burger and to avoid a Fumble.





Anthem: Of course we all stood up and used the appropriate etiquette.


perfect coordinated Flyover:


Kick-Off and first Touchdown for the Eagles:

00:52 MEZ


The first half didn’t go well.

But we know, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Which is a good sign as King Ludwig II. gave his horse Cocotte to the ensemble of the first night performance of the Götterdämmerung of Richard Wagner to play the role of the horse Grane (Grani), the son of Odin’s horse Sleipnir (which had 8 legs) which left traces in Iceland. But we all know that Eagles are seriously dangerous animals which can easily mess up your hairdo. So you better go fast here.


Great Half-Time Show




Second half







Still speechless

Congratulations to the Chiefs



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Ludwig I, Lola, Munich, Besar; good enough for the old brush; Lola Cars
Ducks at demonstration across society; Glue; Art