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Weimar Classicism, ice cream Schiller, Goethehaus

Bad Boll, Berta Boll, Staufer
Reichsaffenhaus Reichstag Committee Hall Bundestag; Duck in the Bundestag

After we experienced the harmonic chocolate of Goethe near Frankenhausen we went to the epicenter of German Classicism, to Weimar itself. I had to get Sheila a nice bowl of ice cream, we choose the big “Hausbecher”, but I insisted, that one of the many scoops had to be altered to the kind “Schiller”, which was offered in the ice cream parlor “Venezia” at the Theaterplatz in Weimar.

We also got into an election rally at the Theaterplatz as there are election in Thuringia at the 27th of Oktober this year 2019.

We also went into the famous “Goethehaus” and watched the deeply moved visitors walking through Goethes (1749-1832) home with audio guides. We also learned, that Goethe as a consultant of his Duke promoted the death penalty for a woman who in despair killed her new born child. (a plot which appears as Gretchen in his iconic Faust). Goethe was impressed by the Great Lisbon Earthquake, visited Mount Vesuvius several time but nevertheless as a Neptunist, followed the idea, that the earth was formed by slow permanent sedimentary deposition in the ancient oceans. (other than the Plutonists)

Goethe also described the strange change in the color of the sky after the volcano eruption 1783 of the Laki in Iceland in his science of the colors. But he did not know beans about where it came from.

Sheila decided to read the “Faust” in the reading corner but she soon found out, that there are no pictures in it so she quit.

We saw beloved Goethes piddling travel map,

a lot of his collections like the statues and busts in antique stile and the one of engraved gem with erotic art and learned about the books and pictures which he only shared with close friends.

Goethe had highest standards about what’s art and what’s not which the swarm does not support. Art is whatever you think is art and what sells or gets many klicks. But we like, that he was a great collector. Goethe as a scientist was also angry (what he mentioned 1821) about himself that he was not the one to make balloons fly and to man the air. [… Die Luftballone werden entdeckt. Wie nah ich dieser Entdeckung gewesen. Einiger Verdruß es nicht selbst entdeckt zu haben…] Probably the same what Bill Gates thinks about google.

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Bad Boll, Berta Boll, Staufer
Reichsaffenhaus Reichstag Committee Hall Bundestag; Duck in the Bundestag