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Duck Angling funfair Olching
Ampelmännchen Berlin

Another of our away teams with political background, led by Duck Helmut, visited Berlin too short after Karl Marks left, and went into the centers of power in Berlin, into the important “Reichsaffenhaus” (empire’s monkey house,” Reichstagsgebäude”,  later “Bundestag”) and also the “Preußischer Landtag”.

Helmut, who backs the SPD (Social Democratic Party) was sponsored by the FDP (liberal Party) who felt sorry that the SPD did not do well in the last elections like in Saarbrücken. So they sponsored the trip.


Prussian emperor Willhelm II. , not a lover of democracy, did not like the “Reichstagsgebäude” building, maybe he was jealous as it was bigger and higher than his “Stadtschloss” (city castle) in Berlin which was later torn down and turned into the “Palast der Republik” during the times of the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, Zone, foul name for the Palast der Republik: “Erichs Lampenladen”, Erich Honeckers lamp shop because there were so many lamps at the entrance.

After WWII and some reconstruction work the Reichstagsgebäude short Reichstag was first used again as committee hall building but not for the Bundestag who moved to Bonn at the Rhine.

After the German reunification it again was redecorated and turned into the seat of the “Deutscher Bundestag”, the German parliament.

Here are pictures of the Reichstagsgebäude with the gigantic walkable cupola, designed by Norman Foster. People shall be able to watch and control their elected representatives doing their jobs.

Helmut decided to give a press converence spontaniously about the visionary travelling duck project and to point out the bad situation of torn apart duck swarms due to the refugee crisis and the Dublin Regulations but not to many people were listening.

A letterbox with a sign saying, this is not a letter box.

Preußischer Landtag:




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Duck Angling funfair Olching
Ampelmännchen Berlin

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