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Back in Berlin, Strange Beer, Moles

Stop in Erfurt
Kreuzigungsgruppe, Crucifixion Group Oberammergau

The swarm went back into the German Center of Power in Berlin, the Bavarian Embassy. and learned that they got their own Beer Steins.

However the swarm again was forced to drink some strange looking Berliner Weiße mit Schuss, White Beer with woodruff syrup, gross.

The swarm was finally able to also take a picture of another Bear. (for which Berlin is renowned for)

Though I took Sheila to the USA 8 times we never saw a Grizzly Bear there and therefore the swarm is jealous. We only could take a picture of a Black Bear in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.

But when we on the rare occasions come across wildlife we help the  poor hard working animals as good as we can.

The swarm visited the Bundestag again, the Kanzleramt (kind of like the Staatskanzlei in Munich, or the Whitehouse in Washington) and the Bundestag and unvealed that, like in many Centers of power there is another mole. (Little Mole)

The notorious dangerous Mole Kretek from the Eastern Communist Block was able to sneak into the NASA program and into the Space Shuttle Endeavour on its way through space. Now he is collecting information about western car technology and maybe tries to influence Angelas next election in Germany.

Here is a good test how to find out if you got a Russian Mole in your center of Power. I wonder if Trump would be able to make it through this test.

Now, after we learned that a Mole and The Elephant and the Mouse went to the Spacelab we, for reasons of equality insist that a Duck should go next.

And here is J.F. Kennedy’s famous speech card which he used in Berlin June 1963

Ich bin ein Berliener (I am a doughnut)

This is what we do in Germany to cut down bureaucracy. We deploy specialists like Edmund Stoiber.

Sound politicians mustn’t be blind in one eye but here are obviously 6 who were blind in one eye and had been talking with each other.

Here is another big Duck in Berlin, but we have seen bigger ones in Munich.

The Swarm wants to pay it’s respect for the hard work our politicians do in Berlin organising the annual Oktoberfest and since 2017 the Franconian wine testing Event in the Franconian Weinstube in the Bavarian Embassy in Berlin.


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Stop in Erfurt
Kreuzigungsgruppe, Crucifixion Group Oberammergau