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D’Wies, not D’Wiesn

Performance, Music, Dancer, Ducks, Türmer Joanne Leighton
Requiem, #TrotzCorona instead of Agathe

fter many hours of intensive search in Sheila’s photo collections we finally came across the pictures of famous “Pilgrimage Church of Wies” (“Wieskirche”) or D’Wies as it is called in the region. A UNESCO world cultural heritage site. It was built in the middle of the 18’th century in most beautiful Rococo style. Much of the interior, the many pieces of art, were saved and hidden by the local farmers during the secularization in the early 19’th century. Good King Wittelsbacher Maximilian I. and his advisor “Count Montgelas” seized property of the Catholic Church in Bavaria starting 1802. Many monasteries were dissolved during that time.

Books of their libraries ended as carriageway surface. But some monasteries were new-established and reopened later after Maximilian’s son Ludwig committed some sins and had to make up for that. In the time of the Restoration after Napoleon was overcome starting from 1815. Some of the property like real estate and forests was given to the local people but the Wittelsbacher later were able to buy some of the filet pieces of the property for a good price. Like property at the Tegernsee

Here is something you got to be aware of, concerning Bavarian dialect:

If you are invited “Auf D’Wies” or “Auf D’Wiesn” that is something completely different. If you undress and dance on a table at the “Wiesn” it is welcome to a certain point. Not so in the “Wies” where it might get you in trouble with the police.

You may normally drink unlimited amounts of beer “auf da Wiesn”.

But only, if you are lucky, a small swig of wine “in da Wies”.

The “Wieskirche” was subject in the “Deutscher Bundestag” German parliament 1984 because the area was used as Low Flying Area for training fight jet operation. The low flying planes caused damage at the sensitive structure.  More plans like that were canceled later again and again.

Wittelsbacher princess „Felipa“ (daughter of Poldi) married here 2012 a middle-class man and the party later took place in Castle “Hohenschwangau”.

Poldi during the event stated, that he was the first Wittelsbacher, who married a middle-class woman. But obviously had drunken too much of the good Wittelsbacher beer during the party and forgot about “Agnes Bernauer” who was killed 1435. Drowned by her farther in law in the Danube River, Duke Ernst.

Or the wife of Prince Carl, Marie-Anne-Sophie Petin.

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Performance, Music, Dancer, Ducks, Türmer Joanne Leighton
Requiem, #TrotzCorona instead of Agathe