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Wiesn 2020, Oktoberfest

I gang so gern auf d’Kampenwand

I suggest to play this song to add more atmosphere. (Weiß Ferdl)

As this year the Oktoberfest in Munich is canceled due to the Corona Crisis we had to stage our own authentic Wiesn program.

We went on an alternative Ferris Wheel,

on an alternative Krinoline,

had our own badly poured beer on the Wiesn,

sang “oans zwoa gsuffa” on the Wiesn,

burned an adequate amount of money (250), by that learned that money stinks,

the Drakes went Wuidbisln at the Bavaria monumental statue but were discovered by the police and had to pay a fine of 100 Euro each

and did even worse traditional things.

Instead of visiting one of the many daily executions at the Schichl we went up on the Kalvarienberg in Bad Tölz, a former place of execution site.

The most popular canival ride this year on the Wiesn is the Corona test station, a drive in facility. Available too for pedestrians.

Credit: Maps Icons ColIlection,

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I gang so gern auf d’Kampenwand