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Fancy Rainbow Flag Fissured Football Fandom

More Art In Munich, Mae West
Exclusive view overlooking Munich



As we always try to be up to date with our reports the swarm decided to cover this story. Which is on the headlines world-wide today. In fact we tried to visit the site of interest yesterday evening. But the weather was too bad and I could not expose my little rascals to such dangers. So we went there today to find the leftovers.


Frank, Black Pete, Luggi and Jogi visited the Allianz Arena Munich, Munich’s famous soccer stadium.

The home stadium of the FC Bayern Munich soccer club.

We started on the „Müllberg“ (Garbage Mountain) next to the stadium on the other side of a freeway (A9 to Berlin). Which also puts up a giant Wind Power Plant since many years. The Müllberg still discharges gases and may be closed due to that. But it wasn’t today, we could enjoy the nice view overlooking the Stadium, Munich and the Mountains in the south.

Yesterday 23.06.2021 the last game of the German Soccer Team in the preliminary round of the European Soccer Championship UEFA 2020 took place here. Standing up to Hungary. The UEFA 2020 is taking place in summer 2021. Kind of like a time warp. The whole championship was postponed because of Corona but kept its name just like the Expo in Dubai.

Jewish founder of the club who was too discriminated for his jewish origin at his time, „Kurt Landauer“ is commemorated and honored with a place and street here in front of the stadium.


The German Team only scraped a draw (2-2) which was enough to make it into the playoffs.

The game of Germany against Hungary took place here.

As the state of Hungary has recently issued a new law to discriminate LGBT people, there is turmoil all over the planet. Many people and the city of Munich wanted to color the stadium in Rainbow Light Colors to express their support against this new discriminating law of Hungary. But UEFA, as they leased the stadium forbid it. And is heavily criticized now.


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More Art In Munich, Mae West
Exclusive view overlooking Munich