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More art in Munich; Art in public spaces; #DontDuckportMelania



Munich City is full of artwork in public spaces and with the new artist in the swarm Anatra  Antonio Canardetto we wanted to see more. We went so admire the brilliant work “Konkav Gerundet” (rounded concave) created by Rupprecht Geiger 1973.

One more piece financed by “Munich Re”. It is situated at a place next to the palace-like headquarter of the “Munich Re” in Munich Schwabing. With some Greek gods at its facade like Neptun. Big parts of Schwabing are owned by the world’s biggest reinsurance company.

Architect of the impressive building was Geiger’s father in law Oswald Eduard Bieber.

The problem with these pieces of sculptures is the exposure to the climate. (here an exemple: The Shining Circus And It’s Spectators)

And corrosion and dirt.

Here another one, a bright white snake at a school:

But “Konkav Gerundet” looked perfect, clean and well maintained. It needs a lot of money to maintain it in such a condition. But, that is no problem for wealthy Munich Re. And it is a good investment. “Gerundetes Blau” at the Gastaig has been lovingly restored in recent years by the owner and looks great.  The “Walking Man” of Munich Re looks great too. However the “Die Ente und das Tor” after Munich Re sold the compound is causing trouble at the moment and might be deported. So we decided to create a new initiative #DontDuckportMelania. (we recently gave the Duck an Alias name as we think, it deserves one under the TARF regulation)

The Duck all those years had the opportunity to leave fast through the promising open gate but decided to stay in it’s little world and not to take any risk and search for new opportunities. The little freedom it has in its pond is enough for the Duck. Nothing should bring down the poor Duck. It is still the right stuff for this place.


On the way we also came across the monument which reminds of the Fall Of The Berlin Wall in Munich. It was sponsored by the Bavarian State with the “Staatskanzlei” (“Straußoleum” and Zirbelstube/Amigostüberl) nearby and the seat of the Bavarian President “Prinz-Carl-Palais” next door.

But also by neighbor and friend USA. It is next to one of the best guarded complexes in Munich, the US Consulate General. I wonder what the police on patrol thought about me doing the photo shoot here with the swarm. But they did not ask or control us. But I am sure, the event was documented on the cameras of the Consulate which our travelling Ducks also know from inside and where we got help from the friendly, professional staff.

We missed to get us a piece of the Berlin Wall in time (as wall-woodpacker).

But we do have pieces of the Wall from “Mödlareuth” (Little Berlin) in Franconia.

I even gave away a piece to American friends.

Notice the great shadow in this picture. It at first disturbed us but now I think it is brilliant.

And here is some more great art from Italy.

Credit: Maps Icons ColIlection,


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