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Munich Security Conference, Ivanka, Chocolate and Chimes

Lucky Ducky Coincidence
„Ich bin ein Berliner“ gewesen, fat

As it turned out, that this year’s top subject at the annual Munich Security Conference this weekend in Munich is the question when Ivanka Trump with her very beautiful nice, figure will watch the Chimes at the Marienplatz


and where she will buy the Bavarian Chocolate which she wants to bring home for her kids, Ronald D. went into town hoping to meet her in downtown Munich. To get a selfie of course. And of course to find out how high the turnover in all those fancy shops in Munich will be with all the family members of the politicians joining and living for free in fancy Munich.

update 19.02.2019: Sheila is worried, we so far could not find out if Ivankas kids got their chocolate or if they are still hungry.

Mayby Ivanka has to hurry as her father might add some more significant tariffs on German products and she might not be able to afford that chocolate in the near future. Other than Ivanka  (maybe she ran out of money) , Sheila got a room in the splendid hotel Bayerischer Hof some years ago but she had to pay for it.

So we again went to Dallmayr (purveyor of the Wittelsbacher Court) to buy Bavarian Chocolate for our Ducklings. But this time I was more careful and kept Ronald D. on a leash to make sure the chocolate would reach its destination. Ronald D. lately also tried to organize a criminal gang to invade the chocolate shops but was not successful so far as some of his gang members are already facing imprisonment.

We of course did not ask for „Panzerschokolade“ which of course ist not sold in Munich any more but which was Hitler’s favorite chocolate and which also liked by the soldiers in the tanks of the Wehrmacht.

Bavarian Chocolate is not as famous as the one from Switzerland but the one from our most preferential shop Dallmayr of course is much better, as Sheila says.

There is another shop too, “Elly Seidl”, as a second possibility where Ivanka Trump might buy the Bavarian Chocolate, which would be a good choice too, as the shop is inside the restricted zone during the conference round the “Hotel Bayerischer Hof” where the conference takes place. The annual restrictions are a plague for all the neighbors and the whole population and rubber ducks of Munich.

All those high security vehicles, helicopters, transport convoys, black limousine services unloading the VIP’s are blocking the streets of downtown Munich which is already jammed even without such a conference. Even the freeway to the airport was blocked sometimes. Of course on days like that, traffic restrictions are not enforced by the police, at least not if you are not a Common Joe but one of the rulers.

We haven’t heard, that Ivanka received a “Dirndl”, as guest present but the relations between the USA and Germany at the moment are not as good as the ones to Russia. Ivanka, we think, would look great in a Dirndl.

So Ronald D. joined me for breakfast inside the Dallmayr shop but Ivanka did not appear, and we were disappointed. She was too busy chit-chatting with Angela Merkel so far. But I did see some security inside and limousines in front of Dallmayr, so other VIP’s took the chance to do some shopping during the conference which of course is the most important part of the event. The breakfast however was great, the view too.

Ronald D. later saw some VIP’s on the balcony of the Munich City Hall which was the second chance to see Ivanka, as she said, she wanted to watch the famous chimes too with the dancing mechanic “Schäffler” (who by the way are really dancing at the moment as another round of seven years has passed since they started 500 years ago). The weather is excellent and Angela Merkel once again has the opportunity to show her picture book Bavaria. While I am writing this, I hear another noisy helicopter circling above Munich, providing for extra safety and noise.

It happened at one of the Munich Security Conferences in the 1990’ties that Uschi Glas succeeded to sneak inside as dinner partner for Senator McCain who served his country in Vietnam and to talk to him about the Debra Milke case.


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Lucky Ducky Coincidence
„Ich bin ein Berliner“ gewesen, fat