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Mein Kampf

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From 1920-1929 Adolf Hitler lived in the Thierschstraße 41 where he had rented a small bedroom

before he moved to a luxurious apartment at the “Prinzregentenplatz” in Munich. Not far away in the Thierschstraße 11-15 was the “Franz Eher Nachf. Verlag” which fell into the hands of the “Nationalsozialistischen Arbeiterverein (NSDAV)” 1920.

Main assignment was the publishing of NAZI propaganda newspaper “Völkischer Beobachter”. As Hitler was the head of the NSDAV 1921 he had unlimited influence on the publisher. Even after the “Hitlerputsch” (attempted revolution in Munich, “Marsch auf die Feldherrnhalle” 1923) the editor could work without restrictions.

Much of the book was written by Hitler while he was in prison in “Landsberg” 1923 – 1924 (Justizvollzugsanstalt Landsberg).

Later a memorial oak tree („Hitlereiche“ like at other places ) was planted next to the prison, visible from Hitlers cell. Sheila could not find out if it is still there.

This was not Hitlers first time in prison, he had to do time in Stadelheim 1922 before. He did his time here in legendary cell 70 from June to July 1922 for breach of the peace.

The editor successfully published Hitlers “Mein Kampf” (1925/27) in growing numbers providing a good income for Adolf Hitler. Under Hitler and his chosen manager Amann, the Franz Eher Nachf. Verlag became the biggest publisher in Europe as more and more of the press was pressed under the control of that company.

With the income of the book Hitler could move to a much bigger and expensive place at the Prinzregentenplatz:

The house today puts up a police station. The appartement was thouroughly examinated after WWII by the Rainbow Company and Hitler’s hat was found and seized.

Eva Braun’s house, given to her by Hitler was in walking distance.

The book “Mein Kampf” appears in a famous Disney film “Der Fuehrer’s Face” . Sheila is a long time big fan of Donald Duck and Adolf Hitler surprisingly was also a big fan of Hollywood cartoon movies at his time.
He was very happy about a present of comrade Dr. Goebbels („he is very happy about this treasure„)

I though doubt, that he liked this one although it is the only Donald Duck film, which won an Acadmy Award (1943). Here is a link to a site which offers the film for download  and they say it is free and for educational purposes. Notice the wrong german in the movie then poor Donald is reprimanded as “Schweinhund” instead of “Schweinehund” in the movie.

Adolf Hitler at his time had an own movie theatre in his lodging were he enjoyed those cartoons and other movies.

The property on the book “Mein Kampf” fell into the possession of the Bavarian state after WW II and the publishing company was dissolved 1952. As the Bavarian state possessed the exclusive rights on the book “Mein Kampf” nobody was allowed to publish it for the next 70 years. Though selling and owning the book was not illegal.  Bavaria as owner of the rights  did not reprint it.

Since today (Januar 2016) there is a new print of Mein Kampf on the market with commentations and it is on the news.  It is already sold out.

Hitler starting from 1933 received Honoray Citizenship of many German cities some of which were forgotten to exist long after he was overcome and seized decades later.

Aachen 1933 – 1983
Koblenz 1933
Köln 1933-1989
Berchtesgaden 1933-June 1945
Landsberg am Lech 1934
Bad Kissingen 1933
Heidelberg 1933
Bad Reichenhall 1933-1946
Berlin 1933-1948
Kochel am See 1933-2014
Mainz 1933-2002
Augsburg 1933-1946
Mittenwald 1933

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Görings Game Gone, Jagd- und Fischereimuseum
Waterboarding, White Beer Lie, Krün