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Holiday Season 2022/2023

Duck promoting opticians’ goods in Augsburg; Bike in Brook
Football Fever in Front of Feldherrnhalle, NFL Munich Game

We are sorry that you, the dear readers did not get to see our Holiday Season documentation this Year. We yet did not find enough time to do our coverage.

Big parts were the same procedure as every year. But some parts are new.

Advent excursion to Bad Reichenhall

The swarm, as every year ahead of the Pandemic, went to the Spa – Town Bad Reichenhall. We found more shops being closed which we always have on our to-do-list. But we could cope and still enjoyed the nice atmosphere in the little old town. We had mulled wine. But no chestnuts as the stand which used to sell them was not there.

Nobody was insulted this time.

A pair of shoes fell apart (interesting, both at the same event) so, a shoe shop had to be visited, where we normally would go to only in summer. But the most important part was just as wonderful as ever: The visit in the coffee shop Reber. Sheila got her mandatory Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake) and I bought plenty of candy for the hard cold winter season.


On the way home we got caught in a bad sudden winter storm and the notorious freeway A8 was blocked. So the crew decided to use the highway and to bypass the 2 or 3 accidents ahead of us. Which was a challenge as the snow-clearer first had to be activated. When we finally returned on the freeways we learned, that the blockage had been cleared in the meantime and the traffic was running again. We returned home save and sound but late.


Christmas in Munich

Before Christmas we attended the traditional Christmas Surf at the Eisbach in Munich, surfing around the Christmas Tree.

We spent a calm Christmas at the beginning in Munich. I set up a cradle with the holy family and the Three Kings.

And visited friends where we could grab some tasty cookies.




New Year’s Eve we spent in Oberammergau

On the way to Oberammergau our Balloonist Zenzi saw a group of Balloons southwest from the “Starnberger See” in the sky. And thought about her adventure in Myanmar.

The swarm enjoyed the first “Sternsinger” procession after the Pandemic and the start of the war. A lot of people were joining this time, almost the whole village turned out for the event.

The music was as nostalgic as it always was and everybody forgot all the burdens for a while. The usual New Years wish was shouted a little louder than in the past years and the deceased veterans and family members were commemorated as always.



Excursion up on the “Frauendom” cathedral back in Munich with gorgeous view

At Christmas all the snow was gone in Munich, and we had some sunny days. With warm Foehn wind and excellent visibility overlooking the mountains from Munich. Sheila proposed to go up on the church tower of the “Frauenkirche” (Frauendom, Cathedral in Munich). I was never up on that tower since I live in Munich. But it was closed for some time for renovation. We went up there and enjoyed the stunning 360° view and saw many places we visited before.


Rathaus (City Hall) tower and Ferris Wheel Umadum far back

Odeonsplatz, Theatinerkirche, Ludwigskirche, Herzog-Max-Palais (Zittermaxl) Leopoldstr., Residnz and Court Garden, Allianz Arena, Müllberg with the Windmill

City Hall (left) and Church Alter Peter (right of the Marienplatz)

Zugspitze, Laberjoch

Michaelskirche, Justizpalast, Train Station Hauptbahnhof

Olympiazentrum, Fernsehturm




We also visited the nice carved Baby Jesus in front of the Altar.


We also went into the basement of the Cathedral where many members of the Wittelsbacher Dynasty were  laid to rest. Among them, the still excommunicated Emperor “Ludwig der Bayer” and the Last Bavarian King Ludwig III. (Millibauer).


At the entrance we again visited the notorious footprint of the Devil. Which causes violent winds round the Cathedral.

We just recently went into the Inn “Augustiner Am Dom” next door. Which was turned into an outpost for the KC Chiefs Kingdom during the Munich Game of the NFL 2022.

Thorak Atelier Baldham White Horse Inn

We also visited the “Thorak Atelier” in Baldham. Thorak was one of the popular artists during Nazi Rule who produced big statues in Nazi Style. The place was used as an Inn by the Americans after WWII and they named it White Horse Inn for all the still remaining white horse statues which they found on the compound.

More White Horse Inns had big impact in German (Film) and American (Broadway) culture. But it was also a place to eat Swan Meat or horses.


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Duck promoting opticians’ goods in Augsburg; Bike in Brook
Football Fever in Front of Feldherrnhalle, NFL Munich Game