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Family History, Sweden, USA and Germany in Comparison

Yggdrasil, Wildpark Poing
Föhr, North Frisian Island

Donald Trump’s family might be partly of Swedish origin

as some people say but he is a grandson of German Friedrich Trump from Kallstadt Palatine, at that time Bavarian ruled. The town was nicknamed by it’s neighbors long ago „Brulljesmacher“ and clubs exist which use that name. It means: town of the braggers and bullshitter.

I just resently learned that Yellow Rubber Ducks are becomming a means of political agitation in more and more countries like China, Russia and now also in Thailand.

But the Trumps aren’t good in Geography anyway.

The outlook is grim for Pyeongchang. Or for NASA on it’s way to Mars.

Fred (Friedrich), other than my Great Grandfather starting from 1899 did not serve in the Bavarian Army under Wittelsbacher Prinzregent Luitpold as he, before he was drafted, migrated to the USA. So he missed out on all that fun.

He therefore was not allowed to immigrate back to Germany later with his only 11 years younger German woman, who he married in Germany. He before had made some money in Seattle with the Poodle Dog, renamed Dairy Restaurant and later on the Klondike trail in free country Canada serving meals to the men on route along the Dead Horse Trail. (Horse meat according to biographer Gwenda Blair) Not by hard work digging for gold but by mining the miners. The Dairy Restaurant also served horse meat and offered rooms for Ladies, scales for gold included. The same in his later Restaurant, „The Arctic“ in Bennet 1898. In the “Arctic” he also served more sophisticated food like Swan Meat.


Of course we all adore the greatness of Swedish chefs. As long as they don’t Horse Around too much.

It still seems to be a promising business today in those stormy times. The swarm would visit it if it ever should travel to Bennett. Trump and his business partner later moved the hotel to the settlement White Horse. Fred sold his shares in White Horse in time before the business was going down.

Whitehorse once used to put up the highest point on earth, which could be reached with commercial freight ships straight from the ocean. But the waterway is no longer in use. Which turns the peak of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal in Germany, Bavaria, between Hilpoltstein and Bachhausen into the highest commercially ?? navigable waterway now. And into one of the most profitable projects in Germany. And it is popular for River Cruises now. Canals and Walls are both made from concrete.

This was the time, when my Great Grandfather served in the Bavarian Army in Augsburg, in the Prinz Karl Kaserne.  

When, with his money, Friedrich tried to repatriate to Germany 1902 but he was considered an unwanted person because he skipped military service and militarism was getting more and more important in Germany. So he had to stay in the USA.

Frederik Trump 1918 was one of the first victims of the Spanish Flu which some people don’t know.

Dead Horse Point Utah

Maybe the dead beaten horses later retaliated as one of my Great Grandfathers was killed, horse-kicked by one in the 1930’ties.

Prussian Horse-kicking played a significant role in the development of scientific statistic. Ladislaus Bortkiewitz developed the Law of small numbers which is important in casinos too.


Grandson President Trump did not serve in the American army too, because of a problem with one ?? of his legs (heel spurs), though he later was healed and could not immediately remember which leg it was. They say, his doctor lived in one of Trumps apartments.

I myself am suffering a lot at the moment from the side effects of a flu shot. After the shot on the way home on my bike I slipped on some wet leaves, fell and tore a ligament at my foot. The bike could be repaired, my pride not so far.

Trump later said both legs were effected. A king to become a killer by his Dad’s wish. He started to take over the lead of his Dad’s company in 1971.

As a cantankerous elderly person with a penchant for heckling I have to point out that Trump by that never learned how to handle Rubber Duckies.

Other than Putin who knows how to deal with Rubber Ducks. Artyom Goncharenko and Alexei Navalny used a Rubber Duck as protest symbols after they discovered a Duck pond and a Duck hut at a house belonging to one of their opponents. We saw the picture of the house too and think, the pond and Duck Hut are perfectly adequate for any important Duck we know. There is nothing to complain about.

Trump never focused much on the hard working people who for example produce the good tires for his beasts which have to carry tons of bulls*. Goodyear had a nice story in it’s travel Magazine 1971. Grandpa supported this great American Company this year. Grandma originated from a farm about 60 km away from Oberammergau and was one of many childs and had to leave home early to make a living in Oberammergaus tourist industry as a maid just like Donald Trumps mother who left Scottland as a poor emmigrant.

Trump thinks, that playing tricks on companies who do not support him enough in his attempt to stay in power is a legal game. And who likes to unleash vicious dogs. Maybe this is, why the Magnolia tree had to be cut back in the garden White House to prevent rotten branches to break down and knock the dangerous dogs dead. Or maybe, if we don’t win, then we will at least kick them the turf. It was planted by Democrat Andrew Jackson.

I always thought a president is there for the people who asks himself what he can do for his country and not what the country can do for him.

1985 Sheila was able to acquire a replica of one of the most iconic US symbols for liberty, the Liberty Bell at the Truman Library in Independence, Missouri.

Missouri seems to be the only state who possesses two replicas of the iconic Liberty Bell from the campaign 1950 when France produced and sponsored one for every state of the US. Of course Missouri deserves two copies as they won the Superball twice. The Kansas City (of course Missouri) Chiefs won it last season 2019/2020. Age was no issue in this years Super Ball.

Sheila’s copy is made in China. Sheila visited the original in Philadelphia 2011. The birthplace of democracy (only US). Let’s hope the midwife did a good job.

The original bell was commissioned by later enemy Britain 1752 in a district of London, named Whitechapel.

About 140 years after Pocahontas died in London. Pocahontas was kidnapped by American settlers, married one of the settlers and was presented in London as an example of a civilized savage, not looking much like the native american people in her London style clothes,

but died early in England.

Whitechapel, a district in London is famous for even more good things. Like The Great Stink and Jack The Ripper. Or London for this music.  Drinking water is not always a healthy experience.

History doesn’t always smell like roses and music sometimes sounds like poop.

Millions of Americans kissed the bell on its trips through the US. Maybe this explains some outbreaks.

To protect it from bombing it was considered to store it in Fort Knox or to build a bunker for it in Philadelphia. 

Foreign politicians like Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and Berlin’s Mayor Reuter visited the bell, and Sheila had to visit it too as it symbolized the connection of the United States and the swarm.


[…As part of the Liberty Bell Savings Bonds drive in 1950, 55 replicas of the Liberty Bell (one each for the 48 states, the District of Columbia, and the territories) were ordered by the United States Department of the Treasury and were cast in France by the Fonderie Paccard… It also appeared on the Bicentennial design of the Eisenhower dollar,…..]

Liberty Bell also proves that Fake News can be very profitable.


[…..On April 1, 1996, Taco Bell announced via ads and press releases that it had purchased the Liberty Bell and changed its name to the Taco Liberty Bell. The bell, the ads related, would henceforth spend half the year at Taco Bell corporate headquarters in Irvine, California. Outraged calls flooded Independence National Historical Park, and Park Service officials hastily called a press conference to deny that the bell had been sold. After several hours, Taco Bell admitted that it was an April Fools‘ Day joke. Despite the protests, company sales of tacos, enchiladas, and burritos rose by more than a half million dollars that week……]


Funny thing while thinking about it, I remember that I, other than the Trumps served the American army in the mid 1980’ties.

I had the opportunity to play music during a Christmas Party event in a neighboring US army base at that time together with my violin teacher. Which was a great opportunity to also practice English. It was a great evening meeting all those friendly, wonderful people of the great US there.

I of course had to wear my Bavarian Garb Costume, my “Lederhosen” even though it was kind of uncomfortable. But as an artist you got to wear what the masses want you to wear or not. I was young, I needed the work.

“I like men who have a future and women who have a past.” (Oscar Wilde)

And there is even one more connection: I used to play chess in a chess club and we could use a room in a NATO school. With students from all over the world and also from the US.    

I am surprised and proud, that I, in the 1990’ties had about 20 Billion Deutschmark more than Donald Trump. But then things went wrong, I was paying too much taxes and craftsmen bills.

“It is only by not paying one’s bills that one can hope to live in the memory of the commercial classes.“ (Oscar Wilde) So nobody will remember me.


As money trickles up (like turnpike toll), those Billions did not stay in my hands for long. But as a common Joe all I need is Panem et Circenses. Before I go up the flu. I am still waiting on the effects of the Trickle Down Theory (a phrase coined by Oklahoma’s Golden Child Will Rogers; Horse and Sparrow Economics). It’s all about what comes out at the other end.

In the 1990’ties I started to visit the Hofbräuhaus. A place were talented, famous but earthbound people always liked to drink a Maß Beer. Mozart, Sissi, Lenin, Gorbatschow, Kennedy, George Bush Senior (I don’t know if Ulysses Grant was here too but it seems as if he tried to stay sober during his world trip) .

1993/1994 I spent New Year eve in Los Angeles, California and experienced an earthquake there only days before the bigger Northridge quake struck. I was visiting Missouri during the bigger one but had to go back to LA and noticed some aftermaths. I saw a lot which had broken down. That was about a month after I learned scuba diving on the Flying Dutchman. Dive Master and Instructor B. Dwyer (Billy) taught me how to go to ground at the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands, Airlie beach. At the beginning I had problems to put the mask over my nose and eyes and breathe through the regulator in my mouth.

I am afraid the wine in Poland will not be as good as in Palatina. And we also prefer the wine from sunny California. Which goes well with weddings as I learned later by accident. Wine seems to be thicker than water. 

This is an older picture but I got us two more bottles from Califonia to support Califonia in the fire crisis 2020 due to maybe global warming or bad management.

I think in the year 2011 in September I had the chance to adore the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey near Ducktown. I tried to gamble and buy game chips at the counter but was sent to the gambling tables to buy them there. But the situation was so chaotic or I did not understand it so that I couldn’t buy any. So I just watched for a while and then had something to eat in the big complex. I got along much easier in Las Vagas before.

The Law Of Small Numbers is important in Casinos. I am no mathematician but I understand it like this: The less native American operated casinos exist, the bigger the chance to make profits with your own new casino.

Considering actual developments, while Donald and Melania might say, “Yes, we can” (German:”Ja, wir können das”), I say “Yes, weekend”. I hope that the German banks have made sufficient provisions for accidents and bad debts by now. I also hope that neighbor Ducktail‘s is OK.

I recently saw this and it reminded me of that. And think America First is for real.

But to be fair, if we look at Europa as a whole we are on top of the statistic. The USA is a big country.

Now, after I heard speculation that Melania shall be deported which I can’t believe, I am more afraid that this rock formation, Mexican Hat might be expelled and supstituted soon.

2005 we used the chance while travelling in the US again to visit “Wilson Arch” close to Moab, Utah. Wilson Arch was not named after President Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson, while in France 1919 negotiating the Treaty of Versailles 1919 after WWI, caught the Spanish Flu which decreased his abilities to pursue his main focuses concerning the treaty. It is likely that the Spanish Flu which should better be called the „Kansas Virus“ originated in army barracks in Kansas and came to Europe with the Soldiers. He was not fond of the efforts to do territorial changes in Europe after WWI. But more on forming the new organization “League of Nations”.  But in the end agreed to those territorial changes and putting all the blame for the start of WWI on Germany. Wilson’s health was even getting worse after the Flu back in the States which prevented him to run for a third term of US Presidency. His wife Edid Wilson, who did a lot of work for her husband after he had suffered from a stroke, got the reputation to be the “first female President of the United States”.

Edid also helped killer Robert Stroud “The Birdman of Alcatraz” to do a lifetime imprisonment partly in “Leavenworth Penitentiary Kansas “The Big Top or the Big House” in the Great State of Kansas (Tony Ducks Corallo, involved in the construction business in New York who liked opera and gardening did time here too) and later in “The Rock Alcatraz instead of being executed on the gallows.

Maybe Donald Trump could write a nice book about the whistling, squeaking canaries blowing air through their beeks after his presidential career whenever it ends to add to his maybe to be built presidential library.  


Maria of Romania (Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria of Edingburgh) also a granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Tsar Alexander II., Queen of Romania played a significant role during the negotiations in Paris after WWI. And achieved a lot for Romania with her charm. But she also helped in the talks of Woodrow Wilson and Romanian president Brătianu, helping out as an interpreter as the official one could not join. She for some time until 1928 possessed the Sengerschloss at the Tegernsee.

Tegernsee Luck Duck Sheila

Maria during those talks also talked with French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau, an anti-clerical atheist who battled the Roman Catholic Church all live long. He for some time lived in the USA and had strong faith in the American Democratic ideals. Clemenceau also opposed the construction of “Sacré-Cœur Basilica” in Paris with one of the world’s heaviest church bell, “The Savoyarde”. It was casted by the “Fonderie Paccard” who also casted the 54 replicas of the Liberty Bell 1950.

It in the late 1990’s started to develop a crack just like Liberty Bell before, casted in England. But France was able to build more high quality iron produce.

We in Germany do not possess any jet carrier ships these days but sometimes it appears to be much healthier not to have them. Sometimes compromise is better than ignorance.

The Savoyarde could be heard as far away as 10 km. Clemenceau seized all the properties of the Catholic Church but after some following unrest in catholic France had to return a lot and the construction of the church could have been finished. Making Sacré-Cœur one of the major sites in Paris visited by millions each year ever since. So in the end the Catholics won this battle.

And Maria and her sister “Ducky” were granddaughters of Marie von Hessen-Darmstadt, Tsarina of Russia Marija Alexandrowna a woman who Wittelsbacher King Ludwig II. Of Bavaria (The Mad) adored.

Her sister “Ducky” Victoria Melita von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha” married her second husband Kyrill (a cousin first degree) 1905 at the Tegernsee. She and Kyrill were expelled from the Romanow Family by Tsar Nikolaus II. because the connection was not adequate. Queen Victoria before had already opposed such a marriage and first degree cousins were not allowed to marry in the Romanow family. The family did not join the wedding. But because the Romanows due to several deaths were running out of sufficient stocks in male heirs, they were called back later to Russia but had to flee after the October-Revolution. In which Nikolaus and his whole family was killed. Making Kyrill the head of the Romanow Family.

To help Trump file a lawsuit and not to mix up Missouri and Kansas, I did some research where to find the maybe appropriate courts. Here are some addresses:

For Missouri (Western District of Missouri)

Charles Evans Whittaker U.S. Courthouse

400 E. 9th Street

Kansas City, MO 64106


For Kansas

Robert J. Dole  CourthouseKansas-City-Exterior-300×199

500 State Avenue, Rm 259

Kansas City, Kansas 66101

In the early 1990’ties I was selected to count postal voting for the council of the town of Munich. So I went through the horrors of “Panaschieren” and “Kumulieren” (I spare the complexity here) and worked my butt off.

Difficult to loose and hide some of those Babies. This here looks like a walk in the park compared to my assignment.

And I took the complex assignment seriously. I was not too popular at our table when I started discussions about some of the ballots being valid or not. Our table was one of the last ones finishing the job. And I want to thank all those great counting people for their great job. For those of them who now are under unsubstantially suspicions of being fraudsters I hope there is enough funding to fend of the charges. As a believer in democracy I think that all candidates and citizens should have the right, to go through the legal procedures if they question the process. And winners should not be proclaimed too soon. But I have noticed the change in style in some of the candidate’s camps.

Howie Hawkins should have the right to claim the Presidency for himself if there was fraud.

2005 I was travelling in the West of the USA and we also went up North to Yellowstone Park. We, next to a lot of bullshit saw a lovely American Bald Eagle nesting at the Exit next to the road in Montana. After the Old Faithfull cheated me. Donald Trump did not continue the nice tradition of keeping a First Dog but he did indulge in the pleasures of keeping a pet which teams up with his own attitudes.


I never had a dog but I like them a lot. I remember Willie who I met 2011 who loved to retrieve balls and to break out of the garden and stroll through town.

Doing some research about the White House pet residents I found this about German culprits which reminded me of Buddy, a very clever female African Grey Parrot. Who was as informative as the „Washington Post„, who was one of the parrots in the White House. (from Mexico under President William Mckinley).

poor Coco however was abducted 1987 in Beirut, Hotel Commodore

Coco became a Celebrity in the Hotel Commodore. Coco appears in this interesting report. Starts at 24:00 minutes. Agent Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt) stayed in the hotel in the movie “Spy Games”.

Buddy living in his American home was very talkative and often said “I want a kiss”. And of course she got many but to be true she was only looking for a sugar daddy and to find some leftover crumbs in between my teeth.

Buddy also got interested in my ear and thought I should wear an earring so the good soul provided for an earring piercing. But I still have my lips.  


Donald Trump did not continue the nice tradition of keeping a First Dog but he did indulge in the pleasures of keeping a pet which teams up with his own attitudes.

Sheila thinks that dangerous creatures even if they Fly Like A Bird should better be barred to shield us from them. But she needs more serenity.

And Aspirin is a blessing for the world from Germany. Heroin was invented by the same company. 

I read that more Germans are maybe now moving into the Whitehouse. Biden’s German Sheppard dogs. J.F. Kennedy reacted allergic to dogs like the German Dachshund „Offie“ which he baught in Nuremberg and abandoned in the Netherlands 1937, here the dog is mentioned as „Dunker“ for the last time (Kennedy seemed to have gotten a bit mixed up between his adventures and attending catholic church service). But had many dogs. Even when travelling in Europe 1937. Where he also visited „Uberammergau„. Kennedy died one day after Robert Stroud.

The Kennedy family also seems to have had early, pioneer influence on the Rubber Duck business.

2011 I was able to visit the Capitol on Capitol Hill. Sheila went too but I kept her in my backpack which stayed in the locker room. I did not want her to be mistaken as some kind of granade. Safety control was strict but the staff was friendly even after 9 11 ten yeas before- I appreciated the possibility a lot to visit this icon of democracy and liberty peacefully even as a tourist from abroad. I went into the two exhibitions of the Congress and Senate and had a great time and learned a lot. I am sad to see the latest events January 2021 and hope things will calm down soon. I remember something J.F. Kennedy said about Germans: “The Germans really are too good – it makes people gang against them for protection…” J.F.Kennedy 1937.

I just came across this news. Seems like the Trump aides now attempt to get a Duck to testify about the insurrection here

Luck Duck Sheila recently came across this picture of Donald and Miss Liberty being in each other’s arms. She was freaking out jealous and said she would blow out the beacon of the bitch. Therefore I had to calm her down and tell her that the relation of actor Donald and Miss Liberty was only on a professional level and Donald never had real feelings for her. Miss Liberty, who was quite young during the take, was not in love with Donald either but needed the work and needs to be respected.

We are confident, that this televangalist won’t be right and that we won’t have an asteroid impact together with Trump winning the second term election which will destroy earth soon. Some seem to share interests with President Trump but many are sinners. And some seem to share the same natural instinct for science as Trump. They are even on TV here in Europe now with their Beg-A-Thons. Seems business in the States is no longer what it used to be. As long as they were only kidding around and having fun they all look as if they had already been blessed. Singing as a devoted church choir member never prevented members from fooling around.

We agree, China will become the most powerful nation of the world. It was for a very long time in the past anyway. Before we, the Euopeans and Americans dealers invaded and intoxicated them with opium. Now the newer, cheaper Fentanyl stuff is returning.

From what I have heard, the best places to start rockets are close to the Equator. Because here rockets get an extra boost for the higher rotation speed at that latitude. But Donald Trump with his bigger rockets and his natural instinct for Science has a different opinion.

Before he reentered the White House after his Corona diagnosis, we were surprised, that the lights were on but nobody seemed to be home.

I wonder, if he himself is planning to be on those landing next missions to the moon considering his concepts for the new crew.

Here is how we Hail To Our Chief in Germany:

And here is another famous, award winning way to hail to the Chief.

2012, December, was my last time in the USA so far. I attended a funeral of a dear, longtime friend in Missouri. This time I decided to go through Atlanta Georgia Airport. Also because of some bad weather further north.  J.F. Kennedy once mentioned the obedience of German civil servants which makes takeover of dictators easy. Not so those stubborn once from Missouri: „explain that, I am from Missouri“.

Atlanta in Georgia is big with 5 parallel runways, maybe 7 terminals and about 200 gates. Coming in from Germany it was confusing so I talked to the management for an hour to change the numbers so I could find my destination easier. But they thought, I was imbecile, so I had to work my adequate way through the complex as all the others. Getting out was much easier.  

Following the inauguration of Jo Biden today, we saw so many familiar places and became kind of homesick. We loved the music played on Andrews Airbase as Gloria was played and even better, Uncle “Sam played it again”, YMCA. But I did not see Trump dancing this time. We worry that the near future will be a much more boring time.  The swarm was able to shoot the first picture of the galery below 2011 of Marine One when we crossed the Potomac river 2011. For safety reason they always use 2.

Watergate in Washington

And I even have this older picture of Air Force One landing in Munich 2015. Air Force 2 was there too with Joe Biden on Board. I am glad I am allowed to laugh again.

Credit: Maps Icons ColIlection,

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Yggdrasil, Wildpark Poing
Föhr, North Frisian Island