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Yggdrasil, Wildpark Poing

Requiem, #TrotzCorona instead of Agathe
Family History, Sweden, USA and Germany in Comparison

The Swarm asked me to write a story about Yggdrasil. An Ash Tree (??) which plays a significant role in the Nordic mythology as the holy Yggdrasil with the spring Urðarbrunnr at its foot.

And we found one with some explanation in the “Wilpark Poing” which we passed some months ago.

 This tree is great to get links to the whole world if you follow the Norse Cosmology written down in Iclandic Edda by “Snorri Sturluson” ( Iceland, Prose Edda, 13th century) long before Iceland taught the world how economy works. ‚út vil ek‚ (literally ‚I want out‘). Here is a good video which makes you understand, how to handle economy and run solid banks.

Here live two swans and all swans derive from them. Many creatures live in the tree like eagle, squirrel (a messenger), hawk, stags, snakes.

With the Urðarbrunnr at its roots.

We learned that the Russian Eagle is much bigger than the “American Bald Eagle” (we before saw an American one 2005, nesting prominentely at the exit of Yellowstone Park in the USA 2005 at the border of Wyoming and Montana. But they both should be bared to make the world a safer place.

Other than Ducks Swans play an important role in the Old Norse mythology. The swans live in the well Urðarbrunnr under the mythological ash-tree Yggdrasil which turns everything white which is in contact with its water and all swans descend from these swans. Sparrow hawks, squirrels, an eagle, a goat called Heidrun, stags, many snakes and a dragons also live in, up on, under or from that tree.

The immense mythical ash tree Yggdrasil, nordic YggdrasilL, also Tree Of Knowledge, also called Maßbaum

Dragon Nidhöggr

Nameless Eagle

Northern Goshhawk

squirrel Ratatöskr


big and small snakes like Grafwitnir

the canopy being part of the Upper World Walhall

Rainbow Bridge

God Odin and the ravens Hugin and Mudin providing information

Hlidskialf: seat of top dog Odin


goat „Heidrun

monkeys (in iceland??)

Álfheimr, where Frey (maybe the Tooth Fairy) gave a tooth-gift

The friendly house Víngólf (Winehouse)

Svartálfaheimr world of the dwarfs

Niflheimr (the Dark World, Empire Of Ice, Fog and Darkness)

Hel, nordic Helheimr, Empire Of The Dead

According to Edda the Yggdrasil is the Place of the Althing (parliament) of the gods connected to the tradition of court-trees (oaks, lime trees)

Drasill, the horse of the horrific

On the treetop is Walhall and goat Heidrun lives here, maybe referring to  Greek mythology Amaltheia

the Stags gnawing at the branches

the Giants

the Swans; we need more Black Swans these days.

We also saw many Peacocks performing their show. Wittelsbacher King Ludwig II. was planning to install a peacock gondola hanging at a balloon on a rope connection between the Castles Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein over the lake Alpsee.

Odin pinned to Yggdrasil refers to the mediaeval tree of the cross.

Also a means of shamans to travel to remote worlds

It is discussed if the ash tree was no Ash Tree but a Yew Tree (evergreen, long living); neither Ash Trees nor Yew Trees grow in Iceland where the Edda was written. (an example of fake news, ignorance)

Credit: Maps Icons ColIlection,

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Requiem, #TrotzCorona instead of Agathe
Family History, Sweden, USA and Germany in Comparison